The recent story of the serial killer film Raman Raghav is shown in 2.0. This is a man killing people for their enjoyment. But in fact, many people in India who has carried out the killings is similar. Today we are going to tell you about some of them people who had committed the crime in a very strange way. Cyanide kills by married women was …

Mohan Kumar (Cyanide Mohan)
Mohan Kumar, a teacher in a government school girls who had made his victims were in a hurry to get married, or whose family was not in a position to pay dowry. He then pretends to sleep with women and would give them the cyanide. Mohan Mangalore court convicted of murdering 20 women. When giving the cyanide Kantraseptiv drug is that it tells women. Also on bank fraud and other crimes that were accused of.
Renuka Shinde and Seema Gavit
Renuka border of Maharashtra and the idea of his mother taught him to steal. But the two women try his hand in the robbery was stolen learn-learn. Training women to steal them used to kidnap children. But then came the kids were so hungry that they died. Too many wounds were found on his head. Once a woman said that he does not remember how many children he murdered.
Chandrakant Jha
Chandrakant Jha had job offers before the people, and was friends with. He then their front man was said to acknowledge the work and assigning rules. But he would have killed the slightest lapse. Jha said it is about killing people after he ate dead body was kept in close.
The beer Man
Some startling cases in Mumbai in 2006-07. 6 people with bottles of beer in South Mumbai were killed. In 2008 a man called Ravindra Kantrole a similar murder case was arrested in the 7th. However, in the remaining 6 cases it could not be proven to be involved. In 2009 he was given the benefit of the evidence is low. 6 people could not correctly killers.
DR. Devendra Sharma
Devendra Ayurveda specialist and surgeon by profession was. But according to police, he was Sirilyl killer and taxi drivers had made their soft target. When he was hired cab, its driver was killed. According to reports, the way he had killed 20 people. The cooperation was her partner. As if he was the driver at a particular destination, where the other partner were waiting.