From different parts of the world day of aliens or UFO reports are to be seen. However, scientists do not consider these things, these things continue to support the UFO hunters. So, today we are going to tell you about 5 similar places where there was a UFO sighting claims the truth of America to Area 51 …
Area 51, Nevada
Aliens in America to Area 51 also remains in the discussion. Others have claimed that the aliens on US government hides information from the tests and the people. Moreover, the government has banned photography. However, the US government dismisses these things Sire. According to people, here a few times and saw a UFO has landed.
Aurora, Texas, USA
UFO in American history in 1897, is attached to the first incident, when a UFO crashed in Aurora, Texas. Dallas Morning paper was reported on April 18 that the strong wind had fallen in a form of a spacecraft Aurora. It is believed that the Martian Tue pilot, which was buried in a tomb of death, Aurora.
Roswell, New Mexico
Roswell in New Mexico in 1947, had fallen from the sky a UFO that was witnessed by locals. So, a man who believed aliens were communicated to the Air Force. However, the Air Force UFO later termed a balloon. But people do not believe it. Regular, the people every year between July 1 Roswell UFO Festival from June 29 to celebrate.
Mineral Lake, Washington

Roswell in New Mexico in 1947, fell from the sky a UFO. A few weeks later, the pilot reported that the Washington State Mineral Town on 9 peculiar shaped flying object appeared in a similar speed. It also reports that the men were linked Udntshtrian (UFO) said.
Keksberg, Pennsylvania

It was in December 1965 UFO crash. According to the locals, Ekron (acorn) was dropped in the desert and shape as the object crash. Soon after, the government cordoned off the place. In a later statement, the government said it was part of a broken star. However, with regard to Conspiracy Theory describes the alien spacecraft.