New Delhi: You will only see people from abroad come back and say this place definitely go once in life. But did you know there are so many tourist spots in India where you must go once. Today we’re telling you about the destinations where they go abroad, you probably feel that may come. Opens for a few days in the year, these beautiful way …
Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass are that of the first. Above 51 km from Manali, on this journey begins. Manali-Keylong / Leh highway, one of the most beautiful places and risky path included. Rohtang Pass closed due to heavy snow most of the year remains the same, but when it is opened to the public and say the travel. Many films often goes on here. In this way the side wall of ice is very high and in the middle of the tourists pass.
Old Silk Route

Tibet is an ancient Hill Road Old Silk Route which connects India to Lhasa Jelep LA. Coming here feels a different world. It is also extremely elegant way too risky. Moves like a snake on the road once but must meet.
Leh-Srinagar highway
People who like altitude like Leh-Ladakh is the highest. … The reason is that one of the world’s highest Motrebl Rhodes. The road is full of dangers but beautiful despite the thousands each year turn to the camper. See also this place once but again and again the beauty of being here because it is forced to.
Pamban Bridge (TN)
Rameswaram Island Pamban Bridge connecting Tamil Nadu in India’s most beautiful bridges are included. The bridge passes over the ocean shows very beautiful sight. Island on the bridge to pass through while leaving an unforgettable experience in itself.
Manali-Leh highway
The way to Leh from Manali is extremely attractive and that is why every camper here wants to come again and again. Snow-capped valley is a wonderful experience. The way you walk and the beauty of nature, there exists the risk that haunt.