Tension gripped the GGI College after two groups of youths attacked each other over a scuffle in Khanna today. Five students were given first aid as they sustained minor injuries.Some Kashmiri students allegedly raised pro-Pakistan slogans after the scuffle.The police, however, denied this and stated that the matter was sorted out and a compromise was reached between the two groups. The scuffle happened when breakfast was being served and some Kashmiri youths were standing in a line followed by students of Jharkhand. A Jharkhand student allegedly broke the queue and came forward, which was objected to by a Kashmiri student.Both had an argument and other students too joined the scuffle. Meanwhile, Kashmiri youths allegedly raised pro-Pakistan slogans and alleged that that they were being targeted on communal lines.Due to the clash, three students from Jharkhand and two from Kashmir were hurt. All five injured along with others were called by the police and a compromise was reached.