Are you bothered by your job and want to change it? Or think that the worst of the world and you’re the worst thing? If so, you need to change your thinking. Indeed, many people work in the world, which is amazing to know about. Women take the money to cry …
1. mourning women
Mourning the death of someone you took the money, the women have seen? Probably not, but that women are in some parts of Rajasthan. In return, they receive a substantial amount of money. These women tend to dress quite old. Please tell the women in Rajasthan for years have been doing such work.
2. pigeon repellents work in hotels
People in many hotels in Jaipur pigeon repellents work. Indeed, near the fountain of water by hotels dove come and do shit. The red flag in the work of these people is to prevent pigeons from coming near the fountain.
3. The toilet cleaner
Even today in many parts of the Dalit people cleaning the toilet and took him to throw out the work. It is considered one of the country’s Dirty Jobs. However, the toilet bowl has been put on hold, even though some people still like to work for the sake of money.
4. sewage cleaner
Sewage cleaning people who risked their lives to the work. They came down the drains are cleaned. The job has the highest risk of infection.
5. With predictive parrots
Some people sat on the road in many parts of the country through the parrot show others the future. In return, the people in rural areas is significant money.