5 Months pregnant woman look like that, was also unaware of pregnancy

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Surprise and may be unaware that a woman from pregnancy from Labor Pains him to know that she is pregnant. During the 5-month pregnancy, she appeared in a bikini figure. A similar incident happened in England with Jackie Owings. Labor Pains before they were completely unaware of the pregnancy. His body was also normal. His body was not anything like the baby bump. They are doing the bikini figure Manten Hospital Thyksir the pain …
Jackie says that I just did not know that I am pregnant. I was taking pills, and my period was too regular. One day I suddenly became unbearable headaches. When I called the office and reported to the doctor. Head pain in the whole body was peaking. The doctor said if I’m pregnant and this is Labor Pains. A little later in the ambulance, I gave birth to a boy. It was shocking to me. My boyfriend Jack did not even believe this.


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