For years, people have been worshiping Lord Hanuman, the son of the wind God. A strong devotee of Lord Rama, Hanuman protects his worshippers from all the troubles. There are many books and stories dedicated to him and devotees also chant Hanuman Chalisa for getting his blessings.
With all these things known to everyone, there are some interesting facts about Lord Hanuman that many people still don’t know. This story is a compilation of all these facts. Click ahead to know them all.
Women Can’t Worship Lord Hanuman

There’s a common saying about Lord Hanuman that women can’t worship him. While most people consider this to be a myth, the truth is there are still women in certain sections of our society who are not allowed to worship the monkey God.
Lord Hanuman’s Mother Was an Apsara

The fact has been mentioned in the Purans too that the mother of Lord Hanuman, Anjani, in her previous birth, was an apsara (celestial nymph) in Indra Dev’s palace. Her name was Punjikasthala and she was extremely beautiful and full of life. She was once sent on a mission to distract a sage involved in deep meditation by Indra Dev. Obeying his orders; she offended that sage and was cursed to lead a life like an ape.

After being cursed, Punjikasthala realised her mistake and asked for forgiveness from the sage. The sage’s anger reduced and he said that although he can’t change his curse, but this form of her will be respected by the mankind. Punjikasthala then took birth in Kunjar’s family and her name was kept as
Anjani. She was married to Vanarraj Kesari and they gave birth to Lord Hanuman on Shukla Purnima of Chaitra month.
Lord Shani Protects Those Who Worship Lord Hanuman

Lord Shani is one angry god and it is really difficult to please him. However, it is said that if you are a disciple of Lord Hanuman, you need not fear Lord Shani. This is because it has been mentioned in Purans that once Lord Hanuman had saved life of Lord Shani and relieved him from his problems. It is since then that Lord Shani never creates problems to those who worship Lord Hanuman.

Hanuman’s Son

According to Ramcharitmanas, when Lord Hanuman had gone to Lanka in search of Goddess Sita, he was caught there by Meghnadh and was presented before Raavan in his palace. That time Raavan had ordered to burn his tail and with his burning tail he fired the entire Lanka. However, Lord Hanuman was in deep pain because of his burnt tail. For some relief, he dipped his tail in the ocean. That time he was sweating and a drop of his sweat fell into the mouth of the fish in the ocean.

After drinking Lord Hanuman’s sweat, the fish got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. His name was Makardhwaj. Makardhwaj was equally strong and brave as Lord Hanuman.
The Immortal God

It is said that Lord Hanuman among all other Gods and Goddesses is the undying one. He is believed to be alive even today keeping a close watch on every human being.