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National Reserve in South Africa’s Mala Mala 5 lions attack a herd of buffaloes had together. The escape began diverting all the buffalo. Meanwhile, caught between a buffalo lions. Lions attack made on him. The buffalo also do our best to save himself, but could not succeed. Despite buffalo survived, but how …
Indeed, 5 lions had 3 lionesses. Together all of them attacked on the buffalo, buffalo and tried to save themselves. But around Buffalo surrounded by lions. The video of the event captured by the Reserve Professional Guide Mike Kirkman. The video can be seen in front of the herd of lions Bicdkr buffalo was seen helpless. Five lions were lying on him. The buffalo sat.
But fate had something else in Buffalo because the victims were at loggerheads over the two lionesses. The lion came to the rescue and fought with the other lions. Five lions become entangled with each other on sight seeing. Meanwhile, there arose from his buffalo herd moved between.