Sandeep Sahi, Jalandhar: Running against the Punjab Private Schools Parents Association is opposing the successful eye ages. DC KK Yadav on Wednesday held a meeting with the Association belong to all the information collected from them. DC then given five Aadesh, the idea was not exactly private school operators. DC has issued Aadesh any private school that now can not be arbitrary. Punjab News Live Kaॅpian of these Aadeshon rose.

Read what Aadesh that came to DC

First Aadesh – school fees can sample three months, but if someone wants to give parents the school fees every month will not refuse him.

Second Aadesh – Aata a child to school to talk to his parents. No penalty shall be imposed on a child. If no obvious cause to be absent if the decision will be made on behalf of the Association of Parents Ticharj.

Third Aadesh – children studying in school fees should not be given to the mental stress. His parents call the school fees were down.

Fourth Aadesh – children should not be forced to take additional books.

Aadesh fifth – Lots of parents complained that they would not know about the decisions of parents Ticharj Association. So every school by writing your school’s PTA committee put numbers on the board.