Lord Shiva has many incarnations, but five of them are the most important, yet people do not know about them.

It is said that if devotees worship these incarnations of Shiva, all their wishes will come true. Take a look to find out who are these.


Lord Shiva took his first incarnation from the physique of Lord Brahma, who was in deep meditation. Lord Brahma gave him the name Sadhojat and eulogized him. Later on, from the physique of Sadhojat four of his disciples manifested, whose names were Sunand, Nandan, Vishwanandan and Upanandan.

All these disciples’ had a fair complexion.

During the 20th Kalpa named ‘Rakta’ (blood), the complexion of Lord Brahma turned red, while he was busy in his deep meditation. That time, an entity was born whose complexion was also red. Lord Brahma named him Namdeva considering him to be an incarnation of Shiva.

Later on, four sons were born to Namdeva. Their names were – Viraj, Viwah, Vishok and Vishwabhavan. All of them had a red complexion.
Tat Purusha

In the 21st Kalpa on earth, known as Peetavasa, Lord Brahma only wore yellow apparels. Lord Brahma’s prayers resulted into the manifestation of an effulgent entity. Considering those entity as Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma started chanting the Mantras of Shiva Gayatri. When he finished chanting the mantas, numerous avatars were born all wearing yellow clothes.

After the PeetavasaKalpa, came the Shiva Kalpa. This time a black avatar was born while Lord Brahma was engrossed in his meditation. Lord Brahma understood this entity as Aghor Shiva and soon four new avatars who were all black in complexion as that of Aghor Shiva.

Their names were Krishna, Krishnashikha, Krishnamukha and Krishnakanthdhari.

During the VishwaroopKalpa, manifestations of Saraswati and Ishan Shiva took place. From Ishan Shiva four divine entities were born named, Jati, Mundi, Shikhandi and Ardhamundi.