Horror movies we see such places that appear to be of such places in Kalpanik real hard. But it is not that there are some areas where in the world is nothing short of a nightmare. He is considered the world’s most dangerous places. Suicide Forest mountain hangs somewhere mortuary so far. Your fear is natural to hear about these places. Death due to assumptions body hung on the mountain …
Imagine that you are walking on the mountain and in the middle to get the coffin in which the body retains. Sgada mountain in the Philippines is one such. Coffin on which rocks are hanging from the back of the mountain. People believe that the death of the body to the soul of ancestors more they remain close.
Krabon cellar, Italy

Plermon tombs in a crypt that is looking out for your scream. Death will just see another body in several rooms. The body structure is no longer just. Book your place for the people and make them put the liturgy was the same place. He was wearing the outfit of choice.
Suicide Forest, Japan
The forest is included in the world’s most scary places. Since 1950 more than 500 people in the forest have suicide. In 2010, 247 people in the wilderness was Atampt suicide. Of which 54 people died. Susaids your parents to stop here for your life as a gift of the board have been installed.
Byberry madhouse
Madhouse it sounds scary and it is considered the world’s most fearsome bedlam. It is located in Philadelphia. It was established in 1907. It was the home of the mentally disabled and insane criminals. Due to some dangerous situations, it was closed in 1990.
Door of Hell, Turkmenistan
This place is called the door of Hell Turkmenistan capital Ashgabat Mahsur Karakum Desert, 260 kilometers north of the village is present in Drvej. Indeed it is a pit crater and gas. The burning of the methane gas.