When it comes to sex, there are many ways you can make up for the difference in stature. While it can be almost impossible for you to kiss in missionary position you can always try new things rather than getting hung up on sex positions that don’t work for you.On the lap: If you have a good couch or a bed with a headboard, take the advantage of the furniture and have sex with you on the lap and your partner sitting. Then it won’t matter how tall or how short you are. Woman on top: Well, if you are not so tall you can really excel in having sex being on top. Also, you will be able to control the movement on top with your hips without using your legs.Stand and carry: If your partner is taller, stand and carry can be a good position to try. This usually involves the female partner with her back against the wall using it as a support while the male partner enters her while supporting her body weight by holding her up.Reverse cowgirl is a variation of woman on top, but the woman is facing the other way. The position gives the woman total control over the pace and rhythm and lets her set the agenda.