Viral on social networking site is a photo of a family in which five men have one wife. The family lives in a village near Dehradun, follow the ancient practice that has been done under. Rājo Verma, wife of five brothers with brothers every night is different. What woman tells husband about 5 …
When the son of the woman he could not even come to know who her father is. For many people, even if it be strange practice, but some locals consider it normal. According to them, it is a practice in which the woman has to marry the first husband’s brothers.
A British website said the woman initially felt something weird. Guddu Rājo husband’s first marriage with the Hindu tradition was 7 years ago. He then 32-year-Baiju, 28, Sant Ram, 26, Gopal, 19, married with Dinesh. Dinesh in the last 18 years was married to his age.
Guddu once told the media, “We all have sex with him, but I am not jealous of others. We are all one big happy family. ” In the days before a woman many men (who are brothers to one another) and more people followed the tradition of marriage. But this rarely happens in a family. Five brothers of the Mahabharata, Draupadi says that due to marry the tradition began.
According to the report, the Himalayas in northern India and Tibet who live in the surrounding areas, the practice is found. Today, a decrease in the population of women and men to seek wives because this practice also kept alive.
Rājo saying she knew that her husband would like to acknowledge all, because his mother was married to three men. He also says that he gets enough attention and love even more than the rest of the wives.