Catering to people in the world is weird. People fish, chicken, from dog, cat some food to eat, but that are also known to eat can be. If there is a poison in a Bdbun Ashyniy. But even risking their own lives they are relished by food. Lives have been eating it …
1. Snnakji (live octopus)
This dish is eaten in Korea. The live octopus is cooked and eaten in the sesame oil. Tasty Treat it occurs as well as Dangerous. If you chew this baby octopus cooked properly without legs can swallow and choke the throat can be life. Many lives have been eating it.

2. Fugu fish dish
Both the fish and the dish name. The killer dish is known. Fugu fish eye and the name is poison to other organs. As well as life can be so Peralisis. Chef to cook it for 2 to 3 years as well as license training experience is required. It taught him to remove poison. A fish poison is enough to kill 30 people. The dishes are relished by people in Japan. 6 are killed each year by eating it.
3. kaasu Marju
The world’s most dangerous thing (cheese) are considered. Illegal which it joins Italy. It is made from sheep’s milk and is made from insects. Ben has made the EU but it is available in the black market. Until the bugs survive as long as it is considered to be edible. It is believed to be dead bugs bad. Too many people have died from eating it.
4. Hákarl
This dish is made from the Greenland shark meat is so bad that anyone Smail vomiting and dizzy. Frmented shark before it is done because there is poison in fresh shark. Cook it before the poison is removed completely. The toilet cleaner Bdbun ill people are eating. People in Iceland have relished it.
5. Blood Clamj
Blood Clamj so because it is said that is found inside red blood-like liquid. It is found in Asia and the Pacific. In Shanghai in 1988 was banned because it was eating hepatitis. Similarly, after eating Newark were more than 40 people suffering from hepatitis. Although it is said that if you do not harm the blood Clamj are properly cooked.