There are many strange creatures in the world, most of us do not know about them. But let me tell you that these are extremely dangerous and can kill anyone at a moment’s notice. Many of these organisms are so prickly body only hunts in the water only intermittently. Their method of hunting is odd. Today we are going to tell the world about 5 bizarre animals whom you probably will not know about. Alien who is called a shark …

1. Goblin shark
The goblin shark is. Let’s see how terrible the picture is visible. The rare shark called living fossils. This species belongs to the family Mitsukurinide almost 125 million years old. It is found in many countries of the world shark in the sea 100 meters (330 feet) in depth is over. It is also known by the name of Shark alien. Its jaws are sharp than other sharks who prey on anyone borrows moment. However, very few fish of this species survive.

2. Bush Viper (Snake)
There are many poisonous snakes in the world are not, but they are far more than the number of venomous snakes. Bush Viper is one such species of snakes. Are found in the forests of Africa. Most live on the trees and jumped on Bush are attacked anyone. Swelling in the body by cutting it from place to place and are blood clots, which leads to death.
3. Lowland Strykd
Africa striped Tenare body found in Madagascar is prickly. This organism can cause sound that is typical of these creatures of nature and calm. However, as soon as it feels threatened or attacked anyone, so it makes your defense prickly hair. Large animals can not hunt because of its hair. If the child a feeling that is difficult to bear the pain.
. Narwhel
Have you ever seen a whale, whose teeth are pointy and they leave out? If you did not tell the Narwhel teeth and fangs are long enough. Its fangs are quite toxic and prey anyone makes it through. Originally found in the Arctic these whale species is 1000 years old and due to climate change, they also have a lot of problems.
5. Fish Pasu
The fish found in the seas of South America is considered very dangerous. The fish fishermen are afraid, because it can kill anyone. Fishermen say that whenever they go fishing, they are at risk of life, because when attacking give Pasu fish can not say anything.