A person who loves motorcycles definitely loves his helmets. Yes! Bike riders are very picky when it comes to accessories and helmets are right on top of their wish list. With the integration of technology and connected devices, riders will soon be able to opt for high-tech helmets, loaded with amazing features. On that note, here are five futuristic concept helmets that can become a reality in the future.TORC T10B Prodigy full faced helmet: The Torc T10B is a lightweight, ABS shell helmet with built-in Bluetooth tech for listening to music, making calls, and listening to GPS navigation while on the road. Apart from all these features, the sleek helmet also looks stunning!Hawk HX-2700 series Black Modular Bluetooth Helmet: This helmet comes along with Blinc Bluetooth communication technology. With easily accessible buttons on the front side of the helmet, this modular helmet flips up and out of your way whenever you want it to. There is another option of dropping down the tinted inside visor when you need shade. Apart from that you can constantly enjoy music or talking to you friends via bluetooth connectivity.O’Neal Racing Fastrack II Bluetooth Helmet: The O’Neal Fastrack II helmet has been a favourite among riders for years. The helmet’s quality ensures maximum comfort for the rider, and its design is also exemplary. The lightweight frame makes it easy to wear, and the integrated Blinc Bluetooth functionalities mean that riders are able to keep in contact with others and listen to music easily while on the move.HJC IS-MAX Bluetooth Ready Modular Helmet: This helmet is intelligently built for all tech buffs who love to ride a bike. Apart from offering impeccable display, the helmet is filled with amazing features such as one button flip-up, one touch integrated sun shield, and Bluetooth capability right in.