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Australian sea boating are some of the worst panic when their boat just a few feet away was a giant blue whale would stretch out to sea arrived. An amateur photographer, 52-year-old John Guderij in your camera captured the incident. Said the photographer …
Photographer John Guderij said when he photographed it from the sea between the time a boat was going to. A few feet away from the boat at the same time a blue whale dives into the sea suddenly came out shouting. A few minutes later he would stretch the whale boat, killing all aboard. According to the study, those whales weigh about 40 tonnes of whale it was.
John said I was lucky that my boat was far away at the time and I had a chance to take the dizzying picture. A similar incident took place some time ago in a sea of California, when a young man was able to paddle boating and so just had a huge whale in front of him. However, the whale who are victims also had saved the man, the whale made him the victim. According to the locals simply do not see such a large whale so close to the middle….