4-year-old Baby strange with Bizarre Disease

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An extremely rare disease progeria Bayejid Hussain, a resident of Bangladesh is suffering from. Visually Bayejid 80 years is in fact only 4 years. Due to the illness of the child’s body shape has become like an old person, so his childhood is almost over. The love and care she needs at the moment, where people stay away from it. Bayejid school because other children are not afraid of it, and no one to play with. Paa, Amitabh Bachchan’s illness was …
Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of a student in Pa progeria sufferer. Child dies of heart attack due to the disease and suffering only 13 years of age (average) remains. Tripti Bayejid Khatoon’s mother said she is happy to see your child very sharp mind but found out about her illness so much sad. The child’s face was swollen due to the disease, the body’s skin hangs like an elderly and frail and his teeth were broken. Please tell the monthly salary of Rs 5,000 per Bayejid father work on the treatment of children each year and cost about 4 million dollars.

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