Worldwide there are several airlines, whose facilities are much better. Passengers wanting to travel once in each of these airlines. Regular, worldwide airlines to improve service is also working on new ideas. So, we are telling you about a unique Airlines, whose services are real. Passengers are 30 thousand feet up the nude …
Nude flights

German travel agency in 2008 launched the world’s first nude flight. The passengers, the plane landed at an altitude of 30 thousand feet, give clothes off. The flight from the German city of Erfurt to the Baltic Sea resort makes the journey memorable. During the boarding all passengers are dressed.
Bikini that Ayrhostej

Marketing stunt bikini worn by the Vietnam Viattjet Air Ayrhostej had the Introdug. The purpose was to appease passengers. Many times these are Ayrhostej dance on their demand. This idea was the airline’s CEO Guyenne became Biliniers Fuong Tao.
Gay: The Pink Airplane

In 2011, the airline launched WOW in support of Iceland homosexuality. Pink color of the Airbus A330 flies to San Francisco. WOW it was renamed in honor of the gay movement. The CEO says that if you do not love people Homosekshual, then WOW is not for you.
Economy passengers for free massage

Many of the world first class airline seat massage service is free. But Air Malta passengers in economy class to get the service absolutely free. The crew will get tired of people pushing their head and shoulders. However, only $ 35 you can buy spa vouchers.

Kdling Space

In 2011, Air New Zealand Sky Couch had bought for his customers. According to family and couple these Skaikauc, bed or couch in economy class get adjusted, so some people can sleep in his own sore pressed. Currently, the service is between Los Angeles and New Zealand.