Four teenagers have gone missing from a Laval group home which was rocked by the disappearance of multiple young girls in March. Laval police said the teens, who are all between 14 and 17-years-old, have all been reported missing in the past 36 hours and the group is comprised of three girls and one boy. One other girl who was initially reported missing has been found.

Police declined to say whether the teens were residing in the Laval Youth Centre but a source confirmed to CTV they were residents of the facility.

In March, five teenaged girls with ties to the home ran away, with four of them eventually being located. Parents of one of the girls who was found in Toronto said they suspect their daughter was being lured into the sex trade and community groups urged the Quebec government to do more to combat the recruitment of minors into prostitution.


In April, the Quebec government pledged $500,000 to combat underage prostitution in the province.

An auditor’s report cleared the centre of any wrongdoing in the disappearances.

Laval police spokesperson Franco Di Ginova said there is no indication any of the five recent runaways have been recruited into the sex trade. He added that one or two of them are repeat runaways.

“All avenues are open,” said Di Ginova. “They could be up north or somewhere having a pool party with some friend.”