Police on Wednesday took into custody four men suspected of involvement in knife attacks targeting women in the city. The mysterious knife-wielding group, which attacks only women after dark, has stabbed 32 women in Rawalpindi since February, of whom one died while others were injured. In the latest attack, the group stabbed a nurse to death and injured two others on Sunday night.

In their initial investigation, police said one or two men may be involved in the attacks. Police sources said they have recorded the statement by the nurse who was injured in the attack on Sunday.

The nurse said in her statement that she had been returning from Saddar area after shopping along with her fellow nurse when they were attacked near Defence Chowk.

She was walking ahead of her friend when she heard a scream. The nurse said she was also attacked the moment she turned to look.

Her friend, Anum Naz, later succumbed to her wounds.

What has residents as well as authorities perplexed is the fact that the attackers make no demands and do not discriminate. They target women after dark irrespective of age, attire and appearance.

All of the attacks took place in the remits of Morgah police station, which include Kot Kalian and Rabia Bungalows.

Around 25 women were injured with a knife-like object in the first three weeks of February this year.

Six months later, four women were attacked. The renewed attacks and the nurse’s death have once again spread terror in the city.