Lat Pulldown is a compound exercise, which works on different muscles and joints. It is a multi-joint exercise that involves the shoulder joints, scapula as well as the elbows. The main muscle worked in this exercise is your latissimus dorsi muscle.

That is the primary and main target of Lat Pulldown as indicated by the name itself. Along with lats, the exercise uses your biceps, rhomboids, trapezius muscles, levator scapulae and pectoralis major as synergists muscles. Your triceps act as dynamic stabilizers.

Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown :

In this variation, the only thing that changes is your grip on the bar or cable. This variation works on the range of motion of your shoulders and scapula along with increasing muscular strength and endurance of your lats. For doing Reverse Grip Pulldown, hold the bar in such a way that your fingers and thumb are facing towards you.

Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown:

The narrow grip Lat Pulldown is usually suggested to those who get comfortable with the wide grip. For this variation, hold the handles of the cable close to each other and then do the pulldowns. It works on opposite muscles from the wide grip variation.

Lat Pulldown With Static Squat:

This variation is a combination of upper body and lower exercise and works on your total integrated body. Our upper body undergoes isotonic workout and the lower body goes through isometric hold. For this variation you need resistance band. Get into the squat position and make sure your knees are above your heels. Keep your abs tightened and back flat. Hold your squat and do 12 pulldowns without getting out of the position.