Four people have been arrested in connection with what Winnipeg police are calling a homicide at an apartment building at 177 Colony St. Police were called to the address at about 12:30 p.m. Monday for a well-being check. A man in his 40s was found bleeding from the head, Const. Rob Carver said. He was taken to hospital where he later died. Police would not say if a weapon was used.

Silvia McKay, 39, Kirby Crow, 28, Dennis Baptiste, 30, and Rachel Little, 32, have all been charged with manslaughter.

“I’ve never seen anybody beaten that badly,” one resident of the building told Metro, describing what he saw as paramedics brought the victim out on a stretcher.

“You couldn’t tell what were his eyes, what was his nose — you couldn’t identify the person,” another added. “He was in really bad shape. I felt bad for him.”

Police said the people accused of the crime and the victim knew each other, and they had been spending time together before the assault, which police believe took place over a period of time.

Multiple residents of the building told Metro there was evidence of a party. The man who was killed had only lived in the building for a month, neighbours said.