Winnipeg police have arrested and charged a 37-year-old Winnipeg man in the homicide of Christina Stoyko. Kevin Grant Klassen is charged with second degree murder in connection with Stoyko’s death. Stoyko, 39, was found dead in her Redwood Avenue home on Saturday morning after co-workers called police with concern about Stoyko’s well-being.

Stoyko’s brother, Aussie Jesso, told his sister had missed two days of work and that co-workers became concerned because it was out of character for Stoyko to miss work.

Court documents obtained by Stoyko filed for a protection order against Klassen four months ago.

The protection order was granted on Dec. 23, 2015.

In the protection order, Stoyko indicated she and Klassen lived together and were in a domestic relationship.

Stoyko wrote that police were called “to help aid in the peace of Kevin getting his things out” on Dec. 21, 2015.

She said police had been called previously due to matters related to domestic violence.

“This has been ongoing for quite some time due to the mental, verbal, emotional and at times physical (abuse),” Stoyko wrote in the protection order. “I need to help myself get out of this as I fear for my safety.”

“He will try everything possible to get me to open my door, as he is very manipulative, deceiving, a compulsive liar and a criminal. I want my life back please.”

Stoyko wrote Klassen would sleep in his car parked inside her garage in the early morning hours.

She wrote he intimidated and controlled her and visited her house repeatedly.

“He’s out of my home but is calling and knocking on my door. He was there yesterday (Monday Dec.22, 2015 at approximately 2:30 p.m.) to try and get me to let him in.”

“He asked if I’m going through with the protection order, I said yes, he replied I’ll be in a world of hurt, I’ve added fuel to the fire and he will sabotage my job.”

Constable Rob Carver said the last involvement Winnipeg police had with Stoyko was in late December, around the time she filed the protection order.

In addition to second degree murder, Klassen is also facing two charges of failing to comply with a probation order and one charge of failing to comply with a protection order.

“I don’t have the details of exactly when the breaches occurred but some of these breaches certainly would’ve been related to the homicide,” said Const. Carver. Const. Carver said police initially went to Stoyko’s home on Redwood Avenue to check on her well-being.

Police haven’t released exactly when Stoyko died or a cause of death.

More on protection orders in Manitoba

The Manitoba government recently overhauled The Domestic Violence and Stalking Act in an effort to strengthen protection orders.

The legislation was given royal assent on March 15, 2016 and the changes will take effect on May 15, 2016.

It follows the deaths of two women, Camille Runke and Selena Keeper.

Keeper was denied a protection order against her former boyfriend five months before he was charged in her death.

University of Manitoba law professor Karen Busby said the new legislation is designed to make it easier for people to obtain protection orders.

“The evidence we have, shows that up to 50 per cent of orders were not issued when women sought them or men in some cases,” said Busby. “Jury’s out on how judges will interpret it and we’ll see if it makes a difference going forward.”

Busby said the court orders are a useful tool for women and men to seek protection in relationships involving domestic violence.

“They’re not the be all and end all,” said Busby. “They’re not going to stop someone who’s bound and determined to commit a homicide or to otherwise be violent but they do help in many, many cases.”