Age 52 years, mother of four, weighing 323.86 kg, and handsome 38 year old boyfriend, then get it in such astonishing news. The US State of Nevada, Reno City something Patti Sanchez, who is in life. To get it all done by the woman she is unique, and today these two ‘adventurous sex life is. So did 38-year-handsome boyfriend …
When Patti was battling severe obesity and weight reached 323.86 kg first boyfriend broke off relations. After the break, he decided that he lost weight, cut and then 120.65 kg. Losing weight after Patti began posting your photos on a dating site. The Breyan messaged him. It was the beginning of their love.
Aat month dating back 38 years in the life of Patti Johnson came Breyan Byofrend handsome. Rose Breyan her daily workout at the gym and leads to other important places. Patti says, “has changed my life Breyan. I have never felt so loved. Breyan changed my whole life. ”

Patti had to take the first daily 13,000 calorie diet, but the weight is 203.20 kg and is continuously lost weight. Breyan and Patti are practicing yoga every day. Patti said we can not leave each other’s hands.