We saw it in the movie ‘Oh My God’, where a common man who loses his property in an earthquake goes on filing a case against god for being unjust to him. Seems like the whole idea of going against the God has really inspired someone.
A practicing lawyer has filed a complaint case against Lord Rama in a court in Sitamarhi, north Bihar for being cruel to his wife Sita. Complainant Thakur Chandan Kumar Singh has alleged that Rama had banished the Goddess to a life in exile in a forest without any suitable justification for doing so.

According to Singh, in Ramayana, Rama sent Sita to the forest after her purity was questioned by a washerman of his kingdom Ayodhya. Sita, who was a devoted wife, always fulfilled her duty in good and bad times with her husband. How could such a crime be committed against her? Rama also ignored how could a lonely woman spend time in deep forest.

As the Bihar court on Monday began hearing the case, it asked the petitioner who should be punished for an incident of such ancient times. The judge also asked the petitioner why has he filed a case in such an ancient incident and who will be his witness? Also, the date on which Rama ousted Sita and sent her to forest is not mentioned.

Although, the lawyer kept on asking for justice, on Twitter there were many answers for his plea.