A 31-year-old woman who objected to her husband’s live-in relationship with another woman, was brutally strangled in East Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar. Police said the woman, Haleema, was allegedly strangled by her husband, Feroz Khan, and his live-in partner, Suman alias Pooja,in his rented flat last Wednesday.
The two hid her body in the bed box, slept and had sex on the same bed for two consecutive nights. They welcomed guests and led a normal life till early Friday morning, when they feared that keeping the body in the flat for long would land them in the police net.
Around 4 am on Friday, the live-in couple brutally crushed the woman’s face with sticks and a blunt object and stuffed the body in a gunny bag. They lifted the bag on their shoulders and dumped it in a garbage dumping site nearby.
The couple locked the flat and left for an unknown destination. However, the police arrested them on Tuesday from their hideout in Delhi.
Rishi Pal, deputy commissioner of police (east), said the crime came to light on Friday afternoon, when a resident of J&K Extension, Laxmi Nagar, spotted the suspicious bag and called the police control room. Police opened the bag and found an unidentified woman’s body with her face badly crushed.
“A case of murder was registered at the Shakarpur police station and three teams led by ACP Sanjeev Gupta and SHO Tanvir Ashraf were constituted to probe it,” said the DCP.
The teams collected information about women missing from nearby localities. They also gathered details about tenants who were missing from their rented accommodations after July 26-27.
“A door-to-door verification driver of such vacant and locked flats led us to one such flat that was locked since July 29. The photographs of the deceased were shown to the house owner and other tenants who identified her as Haleema,” said an investigator. The landlord told the police that the couple had abruptly vacated the flat on July 29 and had not given any reason for leaving the flat.
Further probe pointed the needle of suspicion at Feroz and Suman who were staying in the flat for the past ten months. The two were missing and their mobile phones were switched off. Investigators put their phones on surveillance and it was learnt that their latest location was somewhere in Shakarpur.
“Our teams finally managed to locate the new flat where Feroz and Suman were putting up. We arrested them in the case,” said Rishi Pal.
During interrogation, Feroz disclosed that he was married to Haleema around 12 years ago but she had left him some two years ago and started living separately. They worked as part time waiter and waitress at various restaurants and hotels in east Delhi.
After Haleema left Feroz, he fell in love with Suman, who worked as a waitress at the same restaurant where Feroz worked. Soon, Suman moved to Feroz’s flat and they started living together.
When Haleema learnt about Feroz’s live-in relationship with Suman, she decided to return and continue their married life. However, Feroz was not ready to accept her even as she was pressurising him for it.
On Wednesday last, Feroz and Suman were at the flat when Haleema arrived and entered into an argument with them. When she refused to leave the flat, the two overpowered her .
“Feroz strangled Haleema with a stole and then kept her body in the bed box, waiting for the right opportunity to dispose off the body, which they did not get for the next two days,” the investigator said.