Mandala: Mandala district was special for the day Monday. Was a different atmosphere. Mahatma Gandhi Stadium Everyone was bubbling. It seemed that everyone wants to be a witness to this moment. When people decide to start dancing Karma and soon arrived at the stadium waited for.

Here special

1. On Monday, the second day of the festival, and in 3050 the stadium grounds adorable children performed a dance with the Karma. Guinness Book of World Records record in this presentation is being attempted.

2. Presentation of the record prior to the morning to 5 pm Students dressed students arrived the venue. Mahatma Gandhai been queued at the main entrance to the stadium and to assess their number has been entered, one by one. By the Guinness Book record for the cameramen. Adhaar 3050 student count out all the girls in colorful costume appeared on his Nirdhaarit site.

4. The children were made to enter the fray. Camera at the entrance were engaged. In addition, each child was calculated. Impedimental green ribbon where they were handed. There were 50 children in each circle. Among them was a steward. Who was keeping an eye on the entire group. By Guinness World Records as they were kept for observation. Which of these by filling in a form that will be sent to the Guinness Book of World Records in the East for the fees levied by the administration has been paid. The Karma dance here under their rules of World Records will be recorded by the recording of the presentation.

5. The Guinness Book of World Records earlier Karma dance Hakjankaron said there has never been in the group is 15 and 25-30. But this is the first time in the world that Mandla 50-50 in 3050 in the group of 61 children in a circle dance group Karma. Which is a record in itself. March 28 was to be a day of practice.

6. On the arrival of the new crop in the bright fortnight bhadon tribal brother Dev and Dev expand Gyars Kermai mother earth mother and the joy of worship and Karma dance and sing folk songs. It is the equal participation of women and men. Not to kill the birds free in the living environment also provides education in the song. Also in society are taught through songs.

8 minutes 13 seconds, the dance

Karma dance with folk songs are sung. It takes 18 minutes to complete. Given the increased heat folklore highlights were many different positions and folklore dance Karma was completed in 8 minutes 13 seconds.

9. Karma dance Women in saris, blouses, Fatta (head bud), at the foot of silver chura

10. Karma dance Prdni men, shirt, jacket and wear waist Gamchha.

11. Karma is for the honor of dancing guests, it also gives the message of environmental protection dancing. The message to save the birds