In the Philippines, 93 per cent of men undergo circumcision. But the amazing thing is that even in places like school children for circumcision is selected. Recently, more than 300 children in a school was circumcised. Run a knife lying on the table …
PHOTOS appears there were children in the operation theater was put on the table in the hall is rather large. At around the same time, a crowd of people and continues to run above the doctor knife. Locals know it as mutilation Thule tradition.
1500 was one of the circumcision, the application was rejected by the Guinness Book
Let me tell you that the city of the Philippines in 2011, the same place Mrikana circumcised 1,500 children had to headlines. Mrikana city together for so many children circumcised tried to enter the Guinness record. But Guinness Book officials dismissed them, saying that they were in a group of such events do not accept circumcision, because it is taken care of hygiene.