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Chetumal Mexico so pigs are killed in a pond that has been red with blood. 300 crocodiles live. Many houses in the vicinity and people live in fear of crocodiles. Dogs who live here came the day their prey crocodiles live in Hankpas slaughterhouse …
Thereby resulting in a slaughterhouse killing pigs and other animals of the remainder are placed here. It is said that the reason why crocodiles prefer to live in the pond. But the dead crocodiles are sold in many places.
Many people reported that their pet dogs have made the crocodile hunt. People live in fear and pray to God to ask that their children not to hunt crocodile ever. At night, most locals are in awe. Hrnandij mother of two says that they are awake at night sometimes because of the large crocodiles can hear. Many people fear of crocodiles out of your home and have put a circle.