Dallas: Where is that if you do a good job, to get his fruit. The same thing happened with the province Tekle Kifleb living in Texas, had the gift of crores of rupees during retirement. Tekle, a private security guard at the school used to have a job. Whence gift
Indeed, a girls’ school in Kifleb Tekle was employed for 30 years. Recently found out about his retirement so there’s staff and students of the old batch and a half million dollars from donations collected for them. Then students are studying at the school made a page on the social media and all the old people’s retirement Tekle adding to her story.
Then with the help of older students to gift Tekle been collected almost half crore. The student Amy Patrick said she loved him, and all of our school are Hagrid. For our security, he has hurt many times myself. Not only the name of the old school student and present each batch remember them and everyone they know. Such person is an honor for us to do anything.