Three people are facing robbery and firearms charges in connection with the robbery of a pizza delivery driver early Sunday morning. The trio — a 25-year-old man and two women, aged 20 and 25 — were arrested by Lumsden RCMP after the stolen pizza vehicle was disabled by a farm near Lumsden. The community is about 30 kilometres northwest of Regina. Police say the suspects were trying to evade officers at the time.

The man is charged with armed robbery and discharging a firearm with intent. The women are charged with being party to the offence. The suspects are all from Saskatoon.

The 30-year-old pizza delivery driver was jumped early Sunday morning while on a trip in the 1800 block of Grosvenor Avenue. A man and woman confronted him; one of the suspects allegedly held him at gunpoint while the other threatened to tie him up.

The driver fought back and was able to escape and flag down a police officer. The suspects allegedly took off in the driver’s vehicle, also stealing his cellphone.

Police say the driver wasn’t physically injured.