Police have identified the three people killed in a shooting Saturday evening in Hamilton’s Stoney Creek neighbourhood. In a statement, Hamilton police identified them as Aerlaena Smith, 19; Michael Milroy, 32; and James Milroy, 37.

A fourth person, a 70-year-old woman, remains in hospital in critical condition.

“The investigation is ongoing. Forensic officers continue to process the scene, which will likely take another day to complete,” the statement said. “There is no threat to the community and the police are not seeking any suspects.”

Neighbour Burim Bajramali said heard the sound of two gunshots, fired in quick succession, coming from inside the house next to his, located at 33 Valrose Dr., shortly after 6 p.m. Saturday.

The 33-year-old reacted by locking the door to his house, taking his wife and child to the basement, and listening to the sirens as the street filled with Hamilton police officers, he told CBC News.

“I was shaking. I was so scared,” he said, standing outside his home on Sunday morning.

  • 3 dead in shooting at Stoney Creek home in Hamilton

Neighbours had already told reporters the family living in the home included Gina Milroy and her two sons, James and Michael.

Bajramali said he went to high school with the youngest son, Michael, and that James had a young girlfriend.

Pointing to the three vehicles parked behind yellow police tape in the driveway, he said all three family members appeared to be home when the shooting happened. He said James’s girlfriend may also have been over, as he had seen her earlier in the evening.

Gina and one of the sons were wheeled out by paramedics on Saturday evening, Bajramali said. Both were wearing oxygen masks, covering their mouth and nose.

He added that the family has lived in the same house since the homes were first developed in the late 1970s.

“They kept to themselves,” Bajramali said, adding they were friendly with neighbours when paths would cross. “They were very good people.”

He said he didn’t know much about Gina, only that she was “a phenomenal worker.”

No public safety threat

Jan Zadlo, who lives across the street, described Gina Milroy in the same way.

“She was always very busy. Left at 5 a.m. and back at 8 p.m.,” he said, adding she worked at a Tim Hortons on Centennial Parkway, near Barton Street.

Zadlo moved into his home in 1989 and said he remembered Michael Milroy cruising up and down the street on his roller blades when he was a young kid.

The shooting was a shock to the community, he said, adding he finds some peace in knowing that police aren’t searching for anyone

Gina Milroy well-loved by colleagues

Loretta Young and her partner, Ferdinand Schaefer, came out for a walk after hearing the news of a shooting.

She said she worked with Gina Milroy at the Centennial Parkway Tim Hortons for 14 years, before her retirement eight years ago. She said she sent the family a Christmas card nearly every year.

When Young arrived at 33 Valrose Dr. and spotted the police tape, she burst into tears. “It’s hard for me to believe it was Gina,” she said between sobs. “She loved me and I loved her dearly.”

Kamlesh Kaler and Leigh-Ann Edwards still work at the same Tim Hortons, but said Milroy retired around five years ago.

Edwards, who worked with her for 15 years, said she remembers her as having a great sense of humour. At that time, Milroy was a manager at the store and often brought her youngest son into work.

Although Milroy had a very strong work ethic, she would still find time to laugh with her employees, Edwards said. Milroy would even pick employees up and drop them off if they didn’t have a way of getting to and from work, she added.

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