A MAN accused of a shocking axe murder has suggested he has “new information” that could set him free.  Earl Jones, 29, of no fixed address, appeared briefly in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court this afternoon where he was charged with murder and the theft of a luxury vehicle among other charges.

Before being taken back to jail, Mr Jones called out from the dock to Magistrate John Hardy.

“What if there was some new evidence brought to light?” he called out.

Mr Hardy remanded him in custody to reappear in court next month.

Court documents reveal Mr Jones is accused of stealing a $160,000 Mercedes Benz C63 from a Middle Park address on July 29.

He is also accused of stealing property from another Middle Park property on the same day and receiving stolen goods, including a taxi licence, in St Kilda yesterday.

Mr Jones is accused of murdering 45-year-old Stephan Lowry, whose body was found at The Regal boarding home on Little Grey St, St Kilda, on Monday. Jones was arrested at the notorious Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda following an intensive manhunt.