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26-year-old girl in his skin “like plastics to create nearly 10 million dollars spent. Alicia 26 years living in Stockholm emira actually wanted to show themselves as Barbie. Not only this, he gave up the job. Know what is the girl …

Breast implants have also made Alicia for it. He previously served as PR. He wants to change his body. The girl says that she does not regret spending millions on cosmetics. Alicia says she always wanted to do something extreme. The girl said that many people think that I’m crazy, but I do not have any of his Rigret about the work. But I want more to their altered body.
The girl said: “I want to look like more and more plastic. The other girls also want to Inspire me to do. ” Alicia said when he was 9 years old the first time to do a TV show inspired him. But coming from a traditional family because he had to suppress her desire. At age 25, he’s three and half lakh savings so she could get breast implants.