Kansas: There are many people around the world who are troubled because of their obesity. But 35-year-old resident of Kansas Darek Mitchell are quite different from others. Darek 245 kg of the 21 races last year, has participated in the 5 kilometers. Dark see people running about, wonder how they are run, despite the fat.
Darek’s weight was normal before, but five years ago, her pituitary gland tumor levels fall due in part to their body metabolism, whence they were increasingly stout. They also recovered drugs to tumors that account, but he was very slow to recover, and they weigh about 300 kg was reached.
The Darek decided that they no longer trust doctors or medicines will not change in itself will bring. His sister, the country began to move almost every 5 kilometer race. He then continued to participate in this kind of race and because they have failed to reach 300 to 245 kg of weight. Since the beginning of 2016 he has taken part in five races and now his target is the number to 50.