Sound a little strange but it’s true. Earth to orbit around the sun, the way some of it is something that is always in front of the sun. Which led in some parts of these countries remains the same all the time daylight. Know how often it happens …
The country comes within the Arctic Circle. It is also called the land of midnight. Between May and July, about 76 days, the sun does not set.
Here in this town 100 years show even-Norwegian Sun
Interestingly, a town in Norway that is not where the sun 100 years. The reason is that it is oddly surrounded by mountains. However, there’s a unique solution Engineers found some time ago. Engineers with the help of some glass ‘new sun’ into a well.
In this way it is imposed on the hill that leads to the sun and the city itself looks like a sun. The light falls directly on the town square, whence a huge crowd of people here day by day lives.