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136-kg bear the thought of dinner with many people away from their food, but Russia’s Yuri and Svetlana Pentilenco many precious moments of your life with this bear named Stepan spending. Then when it was adopted by both the age of three months, and now it’s been 23 years. Stepan with only these two watches TV but also helps to water the plants in the garden. Lets hug …
Surprisingly these people my family understands that Stepan. Not even like to hug him and Svetlana and Yuri often embraces. Svetlana said Stepan watches TV on the couch with us and sometimes is asleep on the couch watching TV. Let us not forget the sleeping hug.
Yuri sat reading a book as soon go to Stepan Company reaches them. Yuri explains that years of Stepan old habit and I do not want to change it. He said the seven-foot tall, 25 kg of fish per day with Stepan eats vegetables and eggs.