A 20-year-old youth allegedly died of overdose of drugs at Ghania-Ke-Bangar village today.
Roba Masih’s body was found near the village pond and injections and vials were found scattered near his body.
Ghania-Ke-Bangar SHO Avtar Singh confirmed that the reason of Masih’s death was “overdose of drugs”.
Masih’s grandmother, Hamida, said, “Masih’s body has many injection marks. A few days ago, I took him to the local de-addiction centre but once he returned home, he relapsed.”
The youth’s body was found on a day when the police were busy holding seminars in the city to mark International Day Against Drug Abuse.
An officer involved in an anti-drug campaign said the youth’s death had belied the claims of the administration on curbing the drug menace.