Two security personnel were killed in roadside bomb blasts in Lower Chamarkand near the Afghan border, 70km from Ghalanai, the headquarters of Mohmand tribal agency, on Sunday.

Assistant Political Agent Haseebur Rehman Khalil said two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) planted by miscreants went off in the Chamarkand area, killing two security personnel.

Local administration officials said that soldier Zar Badshah Khattak was going somewhere with personnel of the Bomb Disposal Unit when an IED exploded, leaving him dead.

In another incident, Khasadar Force personnel were busy in a search operation with security forces when an IED went off, killing Khasadar Nabi Khan. After the incidents, security forces conducted a search operation in the area, but no arrest was reported till late in the night.

Security has been beefed up at check-posts in the entire agency and security forces are patrolling roads to check the movement of suspects.

Earlier, several personnel of the Khasadar Force have been killed in the line of duty, but their families have not been paid any compensation. Officials say that the personnel were not killed while performing their duty.

Local tribesmen have urged the authorities to pay compensation to the families of the personnel killed in the line of duty.

Meanwhile, security forces seized weapons and explosives during search operations in Kamali Haleemzai and Safi areas.