Twin sister looks like the same, the same day is the mother of their children. The timing of delivery of both was the same. However, both in the first four days of the due date, what’s the difference Thakjanie sisters …
Sarah Leah Rogers 35 years of marriage and have. Both became the first mother. Where Sarah lives in Colorado, California, while Leah. The son of Leah, while Sarah is the mother of the daughter. 1:18 pm both nights was time berth. But both are in different time zones. Because time zone is different in different parts of America. So regardless of the time, according to an old timer, but technically a two-hour difference in birth.
Sisters claimed that their pregnancy was not planned. However, the sisters said in a conversation with a website at the same time did not surprise them at childbirth. Says results sisters of fate. Both about being pregnant at the same time were reported.
They said they are happy for each other. But at the same time, many people were shocked to hear the news of the delivery.