Two foreign men arrested after the largest-ever seizure of methylamphetamine in Western Australia have been jailed. Chin Yeung Ng and Jian Tat Ng were among four men charged after police discovered 321 kilograms of the drug ice, worth an estimated $300 million, at various locations in Perth in September last year.

Chin Yeung, from Hong Kong, was found in a city hotel room with almost five kilograms of the drug and $385,000 in cash.

Jian Tat, from Malaysia, was arrested at an apartment in East Perth in possession of around 40 grams of methylamphetamine.

The District court was told Chin Yeung had been recruited by an international drug syndicate to “warehouse” the drugs at the East Perth apartment which he shared with Jian Tat.

Jian Tat was not involved in the syndicate but he had agreed to let Chin Yeung store a small amount in a cupboard in his room.

Judge Anthony Derrick rejected Jian Tat’s claim that he did not understand by storing the drug he was committing a crime, but he said his culpability was “significantly less” than Chin Yeung’s.

Judge Derrick said while Chin Yeung had to “some extent” been used as a “pawn” by the drug dealing syndicate, he had played an important role.

“You were a crucial conduit between the suppliers and the purchasers,” the judge said.

Judge Derrick sentenced Chin Yeung to 12 years jail.

He will have to serve 10 years before he can be released.

Jian Tat was sentenced to two-and-a-half years, and with time already served he could be released in December this year, although he is expected to be immediately deported.

Two other men charged over the seizure are yet to be dealt with by the courts.