Two teens have been charged with aggravated assault and weapons possession after a woman was stabbed in Winnipeg over the weekend. Police said that a woman, 18, got into a confrontation with a 21-year-old woman somewhere in the 300 block of Logan Avenue on Saturday around 1:45 a.m.

During the fight, the 18-year-old used a knife to stab the other women multiple times in her upper and lower body, police said.

They also reported that an 18-year-old man jumped in, kicking the victim as she lay on the ground.

Police say emergency responders were eventually called, and the victim was taken to hospital and is now in stable condition.

Two suspects have since been arrested. They were found in the 200 block of Foundation Street, according to police.

Shaquill Houle now faces charges of aggravated assault and possession of a weapon.

Harrison Beaulieu also face one charge of aggravated assault. None of the charges have been proven in court, but both suspects remain behind bars.