Two men were killed in a microlight crash yesterday after their aircraft plunged more than 500ft onto a family farm in Wales. Farmer Steve Powell told how the small aircraft smashed into a field on his family’s 80-acre farm – and he feared the two men had ‘no chance’ of survival.

The horrifying crash happened just before midday yesterday near a church in the village of Cwmbach, near Builth Wells in Powys, Mid Wales.

Mr Powell said: ‘It is a terrible tragedy and we’ve never had anything like this before. Their aircraft appears to have fallen out of the sky into our field.

‘The police are examining the wreckage but we don’t know exactly what happened.’

The men were pronounced dead at the scene in the field less than a mile from the nearby St John the Divine church.

Mr Powell said: ‘We were not at home at the time but other people nearby saw it come out of the sky into a field.

‘It looks more like a small light aircraft than how you think of a microlight.’

Police officers have ruled out local rumours that the microlight had been involved in a mid-air collision with another aircraft.

The microlight aircrafts are a regular sight over the skies of Mid Wales but it is not yet confirmed where the men started their flight.

One villager in Cwmbach said: ‘We regularly see microlights – we call them the daring young men in their flying machines.

‘But this is a terrible tragedy. It is fortunate it didn’t crash into houses or the church.’

Geoff Weighell, chief executive of the British Microlight Aircraft Association, said: ‘We wish to send our condolence to the families of those concerned.

‘The general safety record of microlights is very good. It is on a part with other forms of recreational aircraft. We are waiting for information on exactly what happened.’

Coroner Andrew Barkley has been informed of the deaths and the independent Air Accidents Investigation Branch is investigating.

A Welsh Ambulance Service spokesman said: ‘We were called shortly after midday yesterday to reports of a light aircraft collision in the Cwmbach area of Builth Wells.

‘We sent a paramedic in a rapid response car, a crew in an emergency ambulance and an ambulance officer to the scene.’

And an AAIB spokesman said: ‘The AAIB have sent a team to investigate an accident involving a microlight aircraft that occurred near Builth Wells, Powys.’

Meanwhile a spokesman for Dyfed-Powys Police said: ‘The families of the men are being supported by specially-trained officers.’

Cwmbach – not to be confused with the village of the same name near Aberdare in South Wales – is located nearly 60 miles north of Cardiff.