These 2 heroes caught dangerous shark

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Two Fishermen catching a giant shark in Australia photos of dangerous encounters. Fishermen in the middle Karnarvn during the 4-day fishing trip drew the SAARC. The sharks in the sea about 100 meters from the beach and from there to come to grips with both hands, lift the edge of it brought up. Shark-Man is known as …
Fishermen in Western Australia, one of these ‘Shark Man’ is known. Josh Butterworth and Jethro Bonitcha, both 29 years of age. Butterworth was posted on Instagram photos of the shark, then share it on social media has been quite. Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia Fishermen said such a large shark was quite difficult to catch and had to fight for it enough. 4 days a total of 10 sharks caught both during fishing trip. Some sharks come to hold their missed too. He is not short of sharks in these waters.

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