Two razakars (police volunteers) were arrested for alleged rape of a woman named Muskaan, after the victim beat them up at the Korangi Industrial Area Police Station, local TV channel reported on Friday.

As per details, a woman was traveling in a rickshaw from Korangi to Seaview, when the accused policemen belonging to Qayyumabad checkpost stopped her rickshaw at DHA stop. The rape victim said that the policemen pulled the rickshaw driver out of the vehicle and extorted 500 rupees out of him, and asked him to leave.

The policemen asked where she was going and upon being told asked her to call her sister. Even after confirmation from her sister that she was visiting her, the policemen told her she wasn’t being truthful, said the alleged rape victim. She also said that the policemen asked her to inform her sister that their vehicle broke down.

Afterwards the policemen allegedly raped her and dropped her at an unknown place. They also threatened to shoot her if she raised a ruckus, said the victim. However, police have filed a case against the two and launched investigations in the matter. Violated woman’s sister lodges case against the policemen.

They were handed over to the Korangi Industrial Area police and the woman was sent to a hospital for a medical checkup, officials added. On the other hand, the alleged rapists, Yaseen and Ramzan have denied the allegations and said that they were getting police mobile fixed from a local shop on a road bank.