Believe it or not- you decide. A teenage Russian power lifter has the face of a perfect doll and the body which will give many bodybuilder males inferiority complexion.
19-year-old Russian powerlifter Yulia Viktorovna Vins, or Julia Vins could probably beat the snot out of you.
True, Julia is only one of many young Barbie-doll look-alikes
But she is the first we have seen with a competitive powerlifter’s body.
According to some media reports, she never ever thought of becoming a professional powerlifter when she first began exercising.
self-confidence, that she was simply looking for.
She is preparing for her first competition in September later this year.
For her doll-like mesmerising looks and muscular body, Julia has attracted both admiration and criticism.
However, this hasn’t fazed her.