An 18-year-old man has been charged by RCMP in connection with an animal cruelty investigation after a video of a puppy being thrown circulated on social media.

Jesse Young of Easterville is charged with causing unnecessary pain and injury to a dog and breach of undertaking.

Young was taken into custody and will appear in court in The Pas on Aug. 2, 2016.

Police began investigating Tuesday after a video was posted online showing a man throwing a German Sheppard puppy in the air and letting it hit the ground.

According to RCMP, officers arrested the man on Wednesday in Easterville, where the incident took place.

The dog was found by community volunteers and taken to the Manitoba Underdogs Rescue.

The group said the dog, now named Asha, has improved since arriving at the Pembina Veterinary Hospital early Thursday morning.

MUR initially said the pup could be paralyzed as she was unable to walk. However, the group is now hopeful Asha’s spine wasn’t severely damaged.

The group does suspect Asha has a pelvic fracture, and said she isn’t able to put weight on her right front paw. The group said a full diagnosis will be done Thursday after Asha is X-rayed.