The teen suffered a knife wound to the lower left side of his abdomen and had to be airlifted to St George hospital with fears the blade was still stuck inside the wound.

He was also left with a broken hand.

The alleged attack was carried out at Keira High School with what appeared to be a kitchen paring knife. Scared students who witnessed the incident called their parents.

“My son text me and said there’d been a stabbing and that he witnessed it and he was concerned and he just wanted me to come pick him up from school.

After the school was brought out of lockdown, students were offered counselling and were given permission to go home early, as police continued their hunt for the attacker. Then just after 4pm on Friday, a 14-year-old boy showed up at Wollongong Police Station to surrender to officers.

He’s now being questioned on how a schoolyard spat took a near fatal twist.

There won’t be a lack of evidence, with about 20 students as witnesses, many using their mobiles to record the shocking attack. Police are continuing to investigate.