A girl in Brazil has been raped by 33 men in Brazil for 35 hours.

With less than two months to go before the world’s top athletes and hundreds of thousands of sport lovers head to Rio de Janeiro for Olympics 2016, the city’s image has taken a severe beating with a gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl by more than 30 men in an impoverished favela (slum) of the city. The girl’s nightmare began last Friday night when she went to stay at her boyfriend’s house on the western fringe of the city. She woke up on Sunday morning and found herself surrounded by 33 men, many of them carrying pistols and rifles.
Badly shaken by the assault that went on for more than 36 hours, the victim tried to escape from a hospital several times on Thursday. “I just want to go home,” the teenager has pleaded with hospital staff and her family.
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